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Friday, July 8, 2016

Cleaning Up the Mess, Brexit Ed.

Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom will battle it out to become the next leader of the Conservative Party after Michael Gove was eliminated from the contest. ... The winner will become the UK's second female prime minister.
All the guys who brought about the Brexit vote have pretty much left the stage.

Meanwhile, following the Brexit vote, the number of hate crimes in the UK have risen sharply. No real surprise there.

The Brits have been part of a European single-market, in one form or another, for over 40 years. The EU came into being over 20 years ago. Which, as I gather, means that all of the trade deals between the EU and other nations have been negotiated by the EU, sort of in the same way that Iowas doesn't negotiate trade deals with Vietnam.

When the UK leaves (or is booted from) the EU, they're going to need to negotiate trade deals with everyone. The Brits will need to get some crackerjack trade negotiators and get them up to speed and on the governor in a pretty short timeframe.

Not my problem.


CenterPuke88 said...

The BREXITers started with suggesting 10 years to exit...then wait a bit before we start the 2 year clock to get things straightened out...then we've got two years...all the while ignoring the fact that the immigration they so despised would continue during these time periods. While not quite Republican in their cognitive dissonance, the BREXITers seemed to be learning quickly. Now the voters they lied to are starting to realize what happened...something the US voters have yet to catch onto.

In 1970's England, anything less than lily white skin was asking to be called a "Paki" or worse. Plus ca change, plus e'est la meme chose.

3383 said...

Nothing requires them to initiate Article 50, does it?