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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Las Vegas is Full of Patsies (and Ethically-Challenged Politicians)

Two wealthy grifters, Al Davis and Sheldon Adelson want to move the Oakland Raiders to Vegas and into a $1.4 billion football palace.

The kicker is that they want the taxpayers to pay for half of that. Which the dain-bramaged politicians are eager to do.

Davis is a rich man, but even he looks like a poverty case compared to Adelson. Adelson could pay for the whole thing out of his walking-around money.

But why should he if he can con persuade the bozos and saps in Vegas to? And the biggest sap there is Mayor Goodman.

I've watched this play out in city after city, and most of them are basically too retarded (or too corrupt) to not fall for the con job that is having a pro sports franchise. And given that Al Davis moves his team more often than Scott Brown changes his residence to run for Senate, only a complete and utter fool or a tool would agree to putting up public money to host the Oakland Pirates.

Whether Mayor Goodman is a fool or a tool is better commented upon by those who live there.


Anonymous said...

You had me confused for a bit, since Al Davis died a few years back. I think you meant Mark Davis, his heir.


montag said...

Pity Mark Davis can't afford a barber.

dinthebeast said...

All I got to say is better them than us, but somehow it'll probably end up being us again anyway...

-Doug in Oakland