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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

We Kind of Suspected That All Along; Iraq War Edition

While we've been jabbering about Racist Donald and Crooked Hillary, the British inquiry into the Iraq War has been released.

Basically, the only thing they didn't find was an evil cabal of neocons. But as to everything else, such as over-reliance on suspect intelligence, going to war when other options remained, and faulty postwar planning that could be considered to be criminally negligent, yeah, they found all that.

They found all that despite stonewalling and obstruction from both the British and American administrations, including refusals to release the conversations between President Bush and Prime Minister Blair.*

The Iraq War was a lie. Worse than a lie, it likely qualified as a war of aggression, which is a war crime.

Don't hold your breath that any of the architects or deciders of that war will ever be held to account for it.
* Or, "Chimpy and the Pig-Fucker", if you prefer.


Marc said...

There are folks who are surprised at my use of language when it comes to the office holders of the previous administration. The same folk who rah-rah'd the whole 'you're either with us, or against us' can't fathom what was done in their name. I've pointed out the history of what happened to others who did some of the stuff we did (and publicly admitted to), and I get blank stares. Darth, Shrub, and their circle jerk of warmongers should be at the Hague, not freely roaming the US.

CenterPuke88 said...

I think you have your Prime Ministers confused. Tony Blair, the solicitation asking then fucking your wife PM*, was during the Chimpy/Darth era. David Camron, the yes you can vote but you better not vote to leave PM, is the pig fucker.

*Alledgedly, Tony was nailing Rupert Murdoch's then wife, Wendi Deng, while Rupert was donating cash to Tony's private foundation. So calling Tony is pig fucker is unfair to both his wife and mistresses

Anonymous said...

At least the UK conducted what seems to have been an exhaustive investigation of the Iraq invasion, and at the end of it some facts were established and some blame was laid. We in the USA, of course, did no such thing. As is usual for a country whose motto appears to be Henry Ford's dictum "History is bunk", we (very much including our incumbent President) opted instead to, as they say, "move on".

Such things reinforce my longstanding doubts about the wisdom of that whole "American Revolution" thing.

Anonymous said...

I always thought it was just the Domino Theory dodge again. So they had to gin up a little more "evidence" this time. The law is for little people.

Murphy's Law said...

Let's never forget Hillary's vote for the Iraq war when she was sitting in the Senate. Couldn't have had that war without her help.

Comrade Misfit said...

Anon 6:04: The law is for little people.

And the leaders of small countries. If the president of a minor African country had invaded his neighbor on such a flimsy pretext, his ass would be sitting in The Hague.

Murph, haven't forgotten. Hillary's a neocon. Too bad the GOP couldn't have chosen someone else.

Murphy's Law said...

Agreed. Both parties seem to be playing a game of "I can nominate someone worse than you can", and for me it's pretty much a tie. I'm writing Old NFO in on my ballot.