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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Would a President Trump Pull on His Jackboots?
And Will Fox News Turn on Him?

An argument that he would, based on his past attempts to suppress dissent.

And given that Christie has signaled that President Trump's first order of business will be to purge the government of anyone who is not loyal to him, right down to the GS-2 level, it gets a little scary.

What's next, having the military swear a personal loyalty oath to Trump?

And now, this:
Donald Trump upped the ante Sunday in his war on free trade deals—and companies that take jobs overseas. [He] suggested that under his watch, the U.S. might just leave the World Trade Organization (WTO).
Don't forget this: Rupert Murdoch owns Fox News. Murdoch has business interests around the globe. If he comes to the realization that a Trump presidency would threaten those interests, then look for Fox News (including Lumpy) to drop Trump as though The Donald had contracted AIDS and rabies.

And yeah:

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