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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Bowling Pin Shoot

I'm not saying that it was me who yelled: "Just fucking die, already!" at a bowling pin that seemed to be immune to being shot. Not saying it wasn't, either.

Bowling pins are challenging targets, for you have a very small horizontal target to hit, if you don't want them falling down on the table. It's even harder with ball ammunition, which has a tendency to glance off the suckers.

And I think I'm going to shoot the next Bullseye match with open sights. I downloaded a Bullseye commands app and got a patch cord to feed that from my iPhone into my headset. It works well on an outdoor range. On an indoor range, not so much. I do need to practice to get my timing down with rapid fire, as it's a bit harder to get back on target with open sights.

Ordered a 100 25 yard timed/rapid fire targets. Or I thought I had, for I got 200. Oh, well, so I ordered 100 50 yard slow-fire centers. The ring spacing is the same, the only difference is that the 8 ring is black on the 50 yarders.

I did get a spotting scope. Which will save some walking.

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