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Thursday, July 16, 2015

IMF to EU: "Include Us Out!"

The International Monetary Fund has told the Eurozone, in no uncertain terms, that the German ECB's plan to bail out Greece is unrealistic and doomed to fail. The IMF said that the debtors will have to take a massive haircut if there is to ever be a chance of the Greek economy gaining its footing.

The Greek parliment voted to surrender to the Germans. Which sounds like an inflammatory way to describe it, but that's exactly what it was. And yet, it would seem that the German finance minister is apparently disappointed that the entire country wasn't plowed under and the ground sown with salt.

Anglea Merkel may go down as the third-worst German leader since the Prussians welded the country together 144 years ago.[1] She has torn off the fig leaf that Germany was one of many nations in the EU to reveal that Germany has primacy in the EU. If there ever was a chance in Hell that Britain would join the monetary union, it evaporated on Sunday. It is more likely that the Brits will leave the EU entirely. You may see more and more EU countries having second thoughts about having their borders as open as those between most American states.[2] The Schengen Agreement will collapse, especially when nations begin withdrawing from the Eurozone. All the blame will be laid at Merkel's feet.

Meanwhile, one of the intellectual creators of the EU now seems to regard the EU as a German hegemon.

And everyone else will soon realize that Churchill was right.[3]
[1] Kaiser Wilhelm II holds the #2 spot.
[2] California is an exception.
[3] "The Hun is either at your throat or at your feet."

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