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Monday, July 20, 2015

One Small Step

46 years ago, right now.

The initial video was crappy as all hell. But I watched it, live and on CBS.

The first footprints on another celestial body, less than 66 years after the Wright Brothers' first flight and 43 years after the first flight of a liquid-fueled rocket.


dinthebeast said...

Yeah, I watched it too, on a crappy little B&W TV on the kitchen table. I remember going outside that night and looking up at the moon and trying to comprehend that there were people walking around up there...

-Doug in Oakland

w3ski said...

I too watched it live. From the dining room TV with my Mom and a bunch of friends that happened to be around that day.
So close to the Wright Brothers, it only makes me wonder what is next.
In the middle of such a rough time as a planet, we actually got people to the moon and now pictures from Pluto too!
Sometimes I almost have hope for mankind.

Deadstick said...

I remember a newscaster, shortly before the landing, offering tips on how to set your camera to photograph the TV screen...;-)

Comrade Misfit said...

Did you see that we could have visited Pluto in 1986, but Nixon canceled the project.

He also killed every Apollo mission he could have, because it wasn't his idea to go to the Moon. Nixon was one of the evillest fuckers in 20th Century American politics.

Deadstick said...

He killed a mission to Halley's Comet too. Wanted government off my back.