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Friday, July 17, 2015

"Operation Protect Our Ricebowl" Continues

The choice to be #2 at the Joint Chiefs of Staff is parroting the Fort Fumble party line:
Russia is a greater threat to the U.S. mainland than the Islamic State militants who are capturing territory in Iraq and Syria, said Air Force Gen. Paul Selva, President Obama’s nominee to become America’s No. 2 military officer. This seemed to surprise several of the senators gathered for Selva’s confirmation hearing on Tuesday.
Really. Other than atomic throw-weight, the only way that the uniformed division of the defense lobby can arrive at that conclusion is to ignore the buildup of the People's Liberation Army Nay/Air Force and to ignore China's very provocative claims and actions in the South China Sea.


Old NFO said...

And I can't figure out why they are doing that. China IS the immediate issue, not Russia...

Comrade Misfit said...

As you know, China is building bases on reefs. The Filipinos have reopened the base at Subic Bay. The other east asian nations are getting nervous.

If we get into another damnfool shooting war anytime soon, I' betting it will be with the Chinese.

BadTux said...

But we've outsourced our manufacturing infrastructure to China, so ....

Actually, China right now is less of a military threat than Russia, even. Their stuff isn't even the 1980's Soviet gear that the Russians are mostly using -- it's 1960's Soviet gear. They have a handful of more modern weapons and a handful of nuclear-tipped missiles, maybe 50 in all, but if they wanted to invade Japan or Taiwan or the Philippines they'd have to walk on water because they have nowhere near the navy or troop capacity to do something like that. And their long-range bombing capability is a clone of the 1950's-vintage Tu-16 medium bombers, which was an underwhelming bomber in its day and hasn't become more impressive in the meantime.

China and Vietnam have been fighting on and off since 1536. I expect them to still be fighting on and off in 2536. That's just how it goes, there is a long hatred there that isn't relevant to the US. We gave up on Vietnam in 1975 after all...