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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Tab Clearing (Not Good Stuff)

The NY Stock Exchange has halted all trading due to "technical difficulties".


The Feebies want backdoor access to everything to "fight ISIS". I'm not a software guru, but it would seem to me that the idea that the engineers can install a backdoor to encryption that hackers would not be able to exploit is an opium-derived fantasy.

And that Senator Feinstein is for it is, to my mind, a good enough reason to be thoroughly skeptical of the concept. For DiFi's default is always for giving more power to the American Police State.

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Marc said...

Just for LOLz, do a news search on Hacking Team, and their leaked files. If the various TLA's we have in the U.S. weren't clients, then they probably already have similar 'products' in their inventory.

Requests for legislated backdoors is just being lazy and stupid. I'm not sure if it is more lazy than stupid, but these yahoos really need to get their talking points vetted before opening their mouths publicly - except they were speaking to people who they think will eat up whatever pronouncement comes out as the gospel truth - thus they don't fear reprisal if their talking points are immediately debunked.

Zero day exploits and other vulnerabilities may be patched (eventually), but hardwired backdoors into equipment or engineered into code and passed on as 'secure' comes back to bite those who would (at first) have an advantage from it. D-Link routers and the NSA HEADWATER injection are just two items from the top of my head come to mind when these folks start talking about this stuff. It is already happening - they just want to codify it in law.