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Thursday, July 23, 2015

You're Really Not Helping, Pilgrim

I understand the sentiment, mostly. They want to do something.

But this is a bad idea.

(From here)

Because stupid shit like this happens.

People are showing up in clothes unsuited for any sort of exertion (gunfighting in flip-flops or crocs? Really?) and, in all probability, lacking any sort of formal training in such work.

They look like a pack of clowns. And they're not helping gun rights any. With freedom comes a degree of responsibility. If you don't exercise such freedoms with a degree of responsibility, you aren't going to have them for very long.

Idiots flying drones around crime scenes and fires will result in the FAA saying "See, toljaso". You can't buy most high-powered lasers anymore because idiots have been shining them at aircraft. Openly parading around armed whilst looking like a complete mouth-breather will result in our rights to carry being scaled back.

Knock off the stupid shit, people.


Murphy's Law said...

"But, but, but...Ah got the RAHT to do that!" Just like the open-carry clowns that insist on carrying in places where they have no need to and then act like total tools when the police show up just so they can make another Youtube video. "I gots the RAHT to carry my rifle in front of this here school or in the employee parking lot of your courthouse! Am I being detained?!"

Stuff like that makes for new company policies banning guns and new legislation that takes away freedoms for everyone. But the idiots will never be dissuaded because Youtube fame is more important than actually doing good for the cause.

Deadstick said...

The DoD will be glad to let them defend; it will even give them free guns. Just sign here, big guy...;-)

Comrade Misfit said...

Deadstick, most of those guys couldn't pass the physical exam, let alone the PT test.

Deadstick said...

I think one of the women could...

Anonymous said...

It looks like there is no one actually paying attention to what their self appointed task is. Gad, If I were the Sargent(or Corporal or whatever) of the guard, I would lock them up so fast their heads would spin. As it stands, this type of guarding is just bodies to soak up fire. Just three guys, two AKs and a SUV and they would be toast. Better yet, a suicide team with a microphone and a camera and you could get them all at once.

drouse said...

That was me as anonymous. I forgot to put my name in.

Comrade Misfit said...

Soright! :)

Any attacker with half a functioning cortex is going to reconnoiter a target before attacking. If an attack is carried out, those clowns will go down before anyone can react.

They're canary guards.

CenterPuke88 said...

The first time I looked at picture 1 I thought "oh no he isn't"...but after looking at it some more, it sure looks like he is. Really, what a genius, at least the lady in picture three understands that basic safety idea.

Leo Knight said...

I don't own firearms. The one and only time someone tried to teach me about gun safety, I did so many things wrong, I decided "Nope, not for me." But, does the guy in picture one have his finger on the trigger? Even *I* know not to do that.

Comrade Misfit said...

Leo, he might have his index finger out straight and we just can't see it because his other hand is covering it.

But, given the other fails going on, he probably does have his finger on the trigger.

CenterPuke88 said...

That's what I figure, Comrade, after staring at it for a while. And, as expected:


Deadstick said...

That didn't take long...

Nangleator said...

I think the whole point of gun control laws is that there will always be people like this.

Brian Train said...

Here's an example of some magical thinking - this guy even showed up with a bow and arrows, since he doesn't have a license for a firearm (and it would clash with his Society for Creative Anachronism outfit anyway):


Comrade Misfit said...

The armored knight guy couldn't stand out in front of the recruiting center with a gun, even if he had a permit. Open carry is generally prohibited in New York.

And if he were hanging around outside with no visible weapon, then who's going to pay attention to a loiterer?

Eck! said...

I defy any of those derps to stand at parade rest with the firearm either slung or at their side while wearing an IOTC with full plates for a full watch or even 2 hours
without moving. Most of those likely would fall over. The exception maybe the armored knight because if that is the real thing its heavy and NYC in the summer is hell.

If your going to play take it seriously and as professionally as the guys inside.
If only because if SHTF you have everything to loose. Think hard about that.