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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Eye-Dot; Gunnie Ed.

I made my first run at slow-fire with the Model 17. On a ten round string at a 25 yard slow-fire target, I shot 59. Pretty horrible.

I'm trying to not add a set of Pachmyers to the gun, but my grip felt off. I swapped a grip adapter from a Model 10 to it, we'll see how that feels next time.

The balance is different from my Ruger and it's a few ounces heavier. That'll take getting used to.

The sights, well, they're traditional target and that presents a problem. I have t really work at it to keep my focus on the front sight, because it's a black featureless surface. My eyes tend to focus on the target, but that's a path to shitty scores.

So when I came home, I tried adding this:

That's a dot of white nail polish. It's not centered and I doubt if it needs to be. Its function is to give my eye something to focus on.

Also, mostly I've been using an indoor range recently, because it's only five minutes away. This weekend, I'll take a trip to the outdoor range where the matches are held and see how I do there.


Steamer said...

I shoot a model 64 Smith and Wesson, with a ramp front sight. I just got some bright orange fingernail polish and went up the ramp to the sight tip.
Works great. 240/240.

bearsense said...

Nail polish rules !! Have used it several times.

Will said...

That offset dot will probably cause problems. The eye will try to center the dot in the rear sight. If there is enough light around the front blade in that rear slot, the blade will tend to wander back and forth, as the eye tries to do both.

I would suggest that the nail polish idea be tried. You can also get some luminescent paint for sight blades.

It may just be the photo, but that sight blade looks fuzzy. The edges should be sharp.

Is the sight easily removable? If so, there should be replacement options available.