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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bible Spice Goes Reindeer Hunting

I have a few observations on Bible Spice's hunting trip.

First off, caribou are also known as "reindeer", so if we can get "Sarah Palin Shot a Reindeer" going as a meme this holiday season....

Second, Palin was concerned that a .223 rifle would kick a bit. Which tells me that she has very little experience with rifles. If you can't handle the kick of the weapon you are shooting, then you shouldn't be shooting, period.

Third, reindeer run 150lbs and up. A .223 seems like not enough gun for the job. .223s are widely regarded as varmint guns and "poodle shooters." An expert shot can kill a deer with a .223, but doing so is not advisable for hunters who are not expert shots. There is a reason why a lot of hunters regard a .243 Winchester as a minimum rifle caliber for deer.

Fourth, the photos I saw of her hunting trip show that she was dressing for fashion. When there are people hunting with guns, blaze orange articles of clothing should be worn.

Fifth, nobody on her trip seemed to know that when you drop a scope-sighted rifle, the very next thing you do is sight the damn thing in again.

Sixth, Palin doesn't know enough to keep her goddamned booger-hook off of the bang-switch until the rifle is on target and she's decided to shoot (see this older photo for an example). In other words, she knows fuck-all about firearms safety and probably has never heard of the Four Rules. If there is any politician who is more dangerous to other members of a hunting party than Dick Cheney, it would be the former half-term governor of Alaska.

Seventh: Looking in the opposite direction of a rising sun and saying that is "the east" is, well, need I say more?

Eighth: That reindeer had to be stone deaf, drugged-up or dumber than the average Dittohead. Whitetail deer are smart enough to take off running when someone shoots at them and misses, but Frozen-Snookie shot at it several times and that beast is just trotting along a ridgeline, not reacting as a rifle blasts at it and supersonic bullets go cracking by.

Ninth: Did anyone in that hunting party know what was on the other side of that ridge? Did they care where the missed rounds were flying?

Tenth: In this clip, it seems that Palin has no idea how to handle a rifle and that she has a bad case of newbie fever. "Instructions are flying atcha" is one of her complaints; if she had a frakking clue as to what she was supposed to be doing, why did she need so much coaching? I am now wondering if she has ever held a rifle in her life other than for a political photo-op.

Conclusion: Palin is a phony outdoorswoman. Sort of like our last preznit.

But hey, you can bet that the very same conservatives who were all over John Kerry's case when he went goose hunting will have Palin's back on this.


Eck! said...

Any more shots and the next gun up would be a M2.

Kick? only a 12ga with slugs kicks.

Really bad and the four rules, bad
on at least two.


montag said...

Snowflake Snooki popped off 5 rounds. I am waiting for one of the TV crew to break silence and tell us who really shot the caribou.

BadTux said...

Even some of the right-wingers are disgusted with Caribou Barbie's performance. Said one NRA hunter type, "this makes our entire sport look bad."

A .223 kicks?! Err... *no*. Well, it does, a little, but sheesh. And yeah, *not* the round I'd want for deer hunting. I'd want at least a 30-30 Winchester for that, a .30-06 or .308 would probably be overkill for anything not sniper-ranged but the 30-30 is a nice compromise between kick, range, and stopping power there. Problem with a .223 is it'll go right through the deer, often not doing enough damage to drop it, while the bigger slower bullets will do sufficient brute trauma to knock it out from shock before it even has a chance to know it's been hit. (Same reason the .45 ACP is such a good man-stopper).

Oh wait, you mean a liberal penguin knows more about bullets than Caribou Barbie? ROFL!

- Badtux the Well-armed Penguin

Comrade Misfit said...

When I was sort of kinda deer hunting, the expected ranges ran from point-blank to 200 yards, so a .30-30, .308 or a .30-06 were good choices.