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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Civil War Re-Enactments

I'll happily participate if I can be the one who gets to set fire to Atlanta.

Or Columbia.

Sherman's army didn't burn Charleston in 1865, but we can rectify that oversight.

I wish I had thought of this back in the day: Every Right-wing Southerner who ever said "America- love it or leave it" should have been asked "how did Plan B work out for you?"


tom said...

Yea, Confederates in the Attic...
Billy Sherman, Thomas Magher, The Irish Brigade, Col. Chamberlan of the 20th Maine, the NY 69th Looks like a bunch of Micks AND Northeastern snobs kicked some rebel ass, and told States Rights Gist where to shove his seccession ordinance, and what they could do with their "peculiar institution"
The Union Forever Hurrah boys Hurrah down with the traitors and up with the Star...

Don Brown said...

-- Hey now! No need to get personal. :)

You realize that most of the real racists down here would be happy to let you burn Atlanta again, don't you?

The wailing and gnashing of teeth from the Party of the Confederacy is just recognition of the inevitable. Atlanta continues to grow and the the "rest of Georgia" does not.

Don Brown

lisahgolden said...

It's nothing to see the spectacular silliness of the American flag flying on the same pole with the Confederate flag here in Bartow County.

We don't need no history books, I tell you whut.

TarHeel4Evr said...

"...Every Right-wing Southerner who ever said "America- love it or leave it" should have been asked "how did Plan B work out for you?"..."

Was workin' pretty well, up until ol' Stonewall got zapped in a "friendly fire" incident, and a couple of assholes by the name of U(seless) S. Grant and Willie T(urdhead) Sherman stuck their butt-wipin' invasionary paws in where they had no business bein'...

Then ol' Bobby Lee screwed up Gettysburg, and it was all downhill from there on out.

Admittedly the losing side, still don't agree it was the wrong side...

Comrade Misfit said...

So, Tar Heel Forever, you thought slavery was a good thing? That's what the war was all about. You need only read the declaration of the traitorous bastards just to the south of your state to see that.

Without slavery, there would not have been a war. To pretend otherwise is to engage in blatant revisionism of the historical record.