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Monday, December 27, 2010

The Zadroga (9-11 First Responders) Act

You probably know that the bill was passed. And it seems to be pretty widely recognized that the reason the bill passed was because Jon Steward shone a bright light on the Republicans who were obstructing it (and on the TV news shows that were ignoring it).

Remember, boys and girls, if you step up and volunteer in time of peril to this nation and if you are injured or disabled during your service, the chances are that you will be on your own. For there is one political party which has the tendency to tell you that "a grateful nation thanks you for your service, now go fuck yourself."

Unless their feet are held to the fire of public outrage, that is. Then they follow the Dirksen Rule of "when I feel the heat, I see the light".

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Ruckus said...

I think it's more when their legs are on fire right up to their crotches. That's when they might notice.