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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Robert Strange McNamara

Died in his sleep at age 93.

Over 58,000 American men did not have the luxury of dying in their sleep in their old age, thanks in no small measure to Mr. McNamara's decisions as Secretary of Defense for both JFK and LBJ.

And that is all I have to say.


Ruckus said...

Not one for torture at all. For anyone.
But if I could be persuaded that it would be proper to use as payback there is a small list for a lot of the crap in my lifetime.
McNamara and LBJ - he had more to do with why in Vietnam. McNamara just mismanaged the entire armed forces.
Chaney (Yoo?)(Bush is too ignorant and immature to know better)
Maybe a couple of others, but that's the current list. These assholes caused how many deaths between them? At least a half million or more? And for what? And they don't/didn't give a shit. And don't forget the broken servicemen/women and civilians who lived.
Some say that McNamara did try to make amends. That's not possible considering how many lives he fucked up.

Anonymous said...

"Died in his sleep at age 93."

And I hope it was in the middle of a nightmare . . .