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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fort Fumble, We Told You So.

There is a basic rule on complaining about violations of international law. And that is this:

If your nation does not abide by international law in how they treat people, you forfeit the right to complain how other nations treat people.

The flagrant disregard of the United States government of the tenets of international law during the conduct of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and in the manner how prisoners in American custody were treated hardly needs to be expounded upon at this point. They are a matter of record, for anyone who cares to examine it.

So the complaints of some soulless weasel of a navy Lieutenant Commander (yes, that is almost a full triple redundancy) that the Taliban is "violating international law" by showing a prisoner in a propaganda video does not meet the "so, what" test.

My sympathies are with the soldier and his family. They are not, however, with the Department of Defense or the U.S. Army, which long ago sacrificed any credibility they might have had on the treatment of prisoners.

Toljaso, Ft. Fumble. You were told, repeatedly, that by violating international law in how we treated prisoners, that we gave up any rights to complain how our soldiers were treated if they were captured.

And now that time has come.

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montag said...

The really sad part is that unless the Taliban decide to kill him, he will be treated better than the folks in Bagram.mialitu