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Friday, July 24, 2009

Cops: "Whaaaa, Obama Hurt Our Feelings!!1!"

A bunch of whiny-ass cops have demanded that President Obama apologize to them for saying that the Cambridge PD acted stupidly.

Short three point response: "Go. Fuck. Yourselves."

Longer response: I heavily doubt that if the Cambridge cops had found an elderly white man in the house, that they would have even asked him for his ID. They would have asked if if there was a problem and, if he said there wasn't, they would have said "very good, sir, have a nice evening" and left.

What happened in Cambridge is a reality for every minority in this country, especially those with darker skins. I had a classmate in law school who drove down to Alabama frequently to visit family. She had done very well before she decided to change careers and she owned a Benz. She always factored in two hours to her travel time each way to allow for the three or so times on nearly every trip that she was stopped by the cops for being Black and driving a nice car.

Probably the most notorious example of "Driving While Black" was the murder of Johnny Gammage by the Pittsburgh cops in the 1990s. You can look at the recent history of the New York Police Department and find lots of questionable shootings of Black men by the cops, including cases where unarmed men were shot into doll rags by the cops, but you'll have to look really hard to find similar situations where unarmed white men were gunned down. Even Black police officers get shot to bits by their fellow officers, but you won't find too many instances of the same thing happening to white cops.

President Obama was speaking about a reality experienced by minorities and if that makes the cops, among others, uncomfortable, too frakking bad for them. The people who are outraged by the President's remarks on this issue are largely demonstrating the effects of white privilege.


BadTux said...

Amen, sistah! But at least Gates can now perform Dave Chappelle's shoot-nigah-in-living-room-and-sprinkle-crack laugh riot with true authenticity, eh? "We see this every day, niggah breaks into house and puts pictures of his family up on the walls, yo!"

- Badtux the Sovok Penguin

Anonymous said...

Hey EBM, great post. I'm so fucking sick and tired of this manufactured, angy white man, bullshit. You want something to be pissed about? Try this on for size.