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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Handy Tip For Dumb Shits With Computers

If you have no clue as to the significance of an "I.P. address", then you have no business sending out racist hate-filled screeds and thinking that not giving your name means that you can remain anonymous.

A soon-to-be-former Boston police officer/ National Guard captain has found this out the hard way. (And no, you do not get unemployment if you are fired for just cause.)

Here is a second tip for the bozos: You are not going to be able to successfully proclaim to the world that you really are a good person and that you are not a racist after you send out a mass-email which refers to an African-American man as a "banana-eating jungle monkey" whom you would have sprayed with pepper spray in his own home because you didn't care for his attitude.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Captain in the National Guard, eh? I'd love to see that Article 133 investigation. I'd say that his ability to command anything more than a mop is now compromised, if ever it existed. Looks like a (multiple) career ending move to me.