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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

SOTU-- "Republicans, It's a Trap!", Plus NYT Couldn't Be Dumber If They Had Lobotomies

And yet, even though they were warned, they acted the ass.

This was the best comment I saw on Facebleech:

When I saw [MTG's] behavior and her outfit, all I could think was “wow, now that is a 1970’s, old drunk lady, leaving the 7/11 clutching her carton of Virginia Slims, stinking of stale beer and making the walk of shame in the wee hours of a Sunday morning…..

That sort of shenanigans plays well for the base, but as any seasoned pol worth more than a nickel knows, turning out the base alone doesn't win national elections or even staewide elections. You need to get moderate voters from the other party and independents in order to win.

President Biden also ju-jitsued the GOP into taking cuts to Social security and Medicare off the table.

Meanwhile, the NY Times ran an op-ed that was little more than Russian propaganda. The writer posited that Russia amd Ukraine would have come to a peace agreement if it wasn't for us evil Americans forcing, absolutely forcing the Ukrainians to accept Western weapons. And no, I'm not making that up.

He also said this:

The largest country by area on the planet has no reliable exit into the world. The most reliable route runs through the Black Sea, where it crosses the trade routes that link the civilizations of Asia to the civilizations of Europe. There, or thereabouts, Russian forces clashed with the armies of many Turkish sultans in the 17th and 18th centuries, Lord Palmerston of Britain in the 19th and Hitler in the 20th.

What a load of Putinist claptrap. What does he suggest, that the Russians should take Poland and Germany so they have access to the North Sea? Or Finland, Sweden and Norway? Or Turkey? Maybe he should look at a fucking map to see that Russia has access to the Baltic Sea.

I can understand the Gray Lady wanting to have differing views, but an opinion piece that is close to being enemy propaganda and alternative facts is a bit much.


B said...

Was social security and Medicare ever really on the table?

I am curious why some think it ever was. It'd be the third rail for politicians of any stripe, no one dares touch it, I would think. Some reform might be in order, but cuts or reductions would simply be a way for politician to have to find another career...

Jones, Jon Jones said...


How Western scholars overlooked Russian imperialism

But for scholars from the post-Soviet space – from places that have suffered from Russian aggression and imperialism – these reactions were hardly a surprise. They had been ignored and dismissed before.

Kissinger did a turn at it here:

Dark Avenger said...

Republicans unveiled their Commitment to America plan last September, which calls for holding Washington accountable by addressing Social Security and Medicare, among other proposals. However, the plan does not provide more details on how those goals would be accomplished.

I know I can trust a plan from the Republicans, especially when it only outlines their goals without specificity of how to get there.

DTWND said...

Some think cuts to social security and Medicare are being pushed by the Republicans because that is what Rick Scott (R-Florida) and Mike Lee (R-Utah) have publicly stated.


CenterPuke88 said...

No access to the world, eh? Hasn’t hurt the Swiss…what about poor little Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, et al? Niger, Chad, Mali…the list gos on…I have an idea, give Mongolia access to the pacific, through Russia?

seafury said...

In B's defense, I think we can thank the great citizens of FL for reelecting Rick Scott. Good common sense approaches to tough problems. As he said, nowhere does Rick say he's getting rid of SS, when he points out the obvious reasons why it needs to go away, the voters will demand it. And he he didn't say get rid of it. He said allow it to sunset, like sail away towards the horizon. And then common sense capitalism will take it's place. You'll be in the driver seat, able to decide which insurance plan is the least out of reach, you'll be able to invest your money in a new carburetor that takes the automotive world by storm, Or in perhaps the safest bet, donating to Donald Trump or EmptyG. Its a new world out there. A good solid conservative world.

bearsense said...

Rick Scott was convicted of Medicare fraud.
So much opportunity for more “conservative” grift; why get rid of it?

Ten Bears said...

Receipts, *, receipts ...

dinthebeast said...

Those incompetent fucks can't even reliably raise the goddamn debt limit, so who has any confidence that they could renew every federal law every five years?
Its utter ridiculousness doesn't mitigate the danger of them proposing it, and the things you propose are the things you have to run on.
Sarah said it: normal vs. crazy.

-Doug in Sugar Pine