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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Big Shocker, Eh?

Last week at the [CT] state Capitol, [Sumdood] joined Connecticut’s big city mayors, who departed from the new decriminalization orthodoxy to push a package of proposed laws that would enhance bail and sentencing laws as they apply to repeat gun criminals. They backed up the legislative pitch with a startling statistical analysis of gun crimes that shows most gun criminals are chronic reoffenders who are committing second and third offenses while released on bail or probation.
..... In Hartford, shooting suspects had long criminal records; half those arrested over the last three years had been arrested in the city for something else within the prior year and one half. On average, they had 10 prior arrests, three for felonies. Most are men (95%), 18- to 34-years-old (70%).

Wow, most serious crime is done by professional criminals. Who'da thunk it?


Ten Bears said...

Aye don't know about "professional" Cap'n, they got caught. Repeatedly.

But yeah, there's an echo, just takes a long time and you gotta' yell really loud ...

Eck! said...

I ask this question,

What the hell happened to the laws already on the books?
The laws are adequate enough but enforcement has apparently
become a nuisance..


CenterPuke88 said...

Eck!, I suspect a goodly portion of the issue is the complexity of some of the laws and their interactions with other laws. I know that trying to easily determine the legality of carrying weapon onto a property in Texas is a morass. There are very specific signs that may be posted in very specific ways, that make very specific restrictions, but in some cases these may not prohibit, but can allow a trespass order instead, etc.

Simple, clear, enforceable laws should be a priority, rather than a new niche law. For instance, I’d have no issue with requiring monitored, third-party storage of weapons when an allegation of violence is involved…as long as the process includes a reasonable and specific timeline, protections for the accuser and accused, punishments for false or malicious claims of violence, and clear guidelines. Doesn’t sound simple until you consider what all that means, which is a process established with clear guidelines rather than the current mishmash of judicial rulings and intervention.