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Sunday, February 5, 2023

So I Got Dinged by Google.

It was over a post that I wrote about a man who, just after 9-11, was accused by the FBI of something he didn't do. He was threatened with extradordinary rendition and torture in a shithole Third World country if he didn't confess. So he did confess.

And then, it quickly came to light that the FBI's basis for detaining the guy, let alone charging him with a crime was bullshit. So they let him go. He sued and eventually the government settled.

I blogged about that in October of 2007. Overnight, The Gods of Google took down that post for "violating community standards". I read through the standards and found nothing prohibiting discussing a factual case of FBI misdeeds. I also have no idea why it took fifteen years for whatever was wrong in the post to get the Google Gods pissed off at me.

Because if saying bad things about the FBI is a violation, then, oh, about seventy percent of the blogs on Goggle are going to be gone. Including almost every one in the blogroll (which you don't see if you're using your phone).

Maybe this post will be taken down by Goggle around 2038 or so. So you'd best read it now.

ETA: This post, from April of 2014, was put behind an "adults only" warning for several hours. So they're up to a nine-year lag time. These posts from 2007 and 2013 are still behind warnings.

ETA 2: It's been reinstated. You can read it and wonder what irritated the dumb-ass bots at Google.


w3ski said...

Wow, quick on that, weren't they?

Phil said...

Welcome to the club.
They went on a spree at my old blog and deleted several posts and then put THIRTY of them behind that warning, going back clear back to 2007!
I have heard they have done the same to several other Bloggers too.
It seems no one is immune from the Thought Crime Police.

B said...

Yeah, I keep getting notices about that for posts from years ago on my old .Blogspot blog. Not sure why either, or why something from 2008 matters now.

Comrade Misfit said...

Trying to mirate to another blogging platform seems like work. I've tried running one at Wordpress and it's always been a struggle.

Comrade Misfit said...

I might try cross-posting, but jeez, seems like work.

Old NFO said...

I've had ten or fifteen posts memoryholed... Sigh

Infidel753 said...

The same happened with several of my years-old posts a few weeks ago. Which posts were affected seemed completely random. I just clicked on "request review" and they were all unblocked within a day or so. It's probably just a glitchy algorithm.

Paul said...

(eyes widen)

They better not have deleted any of my "I Survived Orlando MegaCon" blog entries on Notice A Trend, the bastards!!!

(runs off to check his Yahoo mail because when I started with Blogspot it wasn't Google-owned then)

yellowdoggranny said...

that's like facebook..they went back six years to find something I had shared and gave me 30 days in jail...them fuckers.

Wesley Sandel said...

F-ck the FBI

F-ck the DHS

F-ck ICE the racist nazis

Kathy said...

Maybe Google is trying out a new AI moderator.