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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

China Regurgitates Russian Propaganda

China’s Foreign Ministry sought to blame the United States for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, claiming Washington created the conditions that led to the war and condemning weapons deliveries for inflaming the conflict as it approaches the one-year mark.

“The US is the one who triggered the Ukraine crisis and the biggest factor fuelling it and has kept selling heavy and assault weapons to Ukraine, which has only prolonged and intensify the conflict,” Mao Ning, spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, told reporters on Monday

Right. We triggered the Ukraine war because how, exactly? Ukraine wasn't going to get into NATO. NATO membership requires unanimous consent of the member and, even if it was on the table a year ago, the Hungarians and the Turks would not have agreed.

No, what threatened the Russians was the possibility of Ukraine joining the EU. Neither Putin nor his finger-puppet in Belarus want to see another prosperous European country on their borders. It causes people who travel there (before the war, Russians had free access to EU countries) to wonder: "Why can't we also have nice things?"

As for supplying weapons to Ukraine so that they can defend themselves against Russian aggression, well, I'm flying that flag with pride.

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