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Saturday, February 18, 2023

32 Points on the Russo-Ukrainian War

You shoud go read them all. it won't take up much of your time.

Those who are suggesting that the Ukrainians agree to negotiate with Russia to stop the war are channelling appeasers like Neville Chamberlain. That would be as vile as his agreeing to dismember Czechoslovakia against the wishes of that nation. They ignore Putin's desire to rebuild the territory of the old Russian Empire in the same way that Chamberlain closed his eyes to Germany's intentions.

Putin's dreams of restoring his empire are, in part, slowly being realized. Belarus is being merged by degrees into the Russian state. Some believe that Kazakhstan is high on Putin's list of neighbors to be conquered.

The best way to stop this nonsense, if not the only way,[1] is to give whatever the Ukrainians need to help them to break the combat power of the Russian military.
[1] Putin has taken a leaf out of King Kim Jong-Un's playbook and is travelling by armored train.


montag said...

IIRC Trotsky had an armored train during the Russian civil war. Later Hitler and Goering were armored train aficionados. Hitler even named his 'Amerika' for the first half of the war.

Jones, Jon Jones said...

There were attempts on KJI's train by bombing the tracks. It made KJU's flight to Singapore all that more interesting. Whenever I have a patient in hospital, I read Inspector O. I'm doing The Man with the Baltic Stare for this stint. It gets your mind right to deal with hospital experience.

Ten Bears said...

In this context, I've always thought of trains about the same as fixed-wing airplanes.

Restricts your range of motion, narrows your field of fire, locks your options ...

Stewart Dean said...

montag, he named his train Amerika becomes he admired what the Europeans had done to the indigenous population of the New World....

Michael said...

I'm pretty sure you read history.

What happened when Roosevelt had Japan cornered by blocking their oil and rubber pre-WW2?

Pearl Harbor. A lot of dead US servicemen, civilians and burning battleships.

Your aware that the Pearl Harbor attack was known about and ALLOWED?

Why? Because the American people who still had memories of the "Great War" and cripples around from it didn't want to get involved in that "European Conflict".

Since WW2 can you point out a successful war effort of the USA?

Korea stalemate to this day
Vietnam 2nd place finish
Iraq a destroyed country that loved us so much the fortified Green Zone was shelled daily.
Afghanistan, a sneak out in the night, leaving thousands of loyal Afghans to the tender mercies of the Taliban.

We've forgotten what war is about. It's a video game where little brown people over there die and seldom is the crippled veterans returning thought of. A scary % of homeless are vets from the "War on Terror".

What do you think Russia is going to do if we corner them hard enough? We've openly announced more than a few times our intent to eliminate Putin, change the regime of Russia and dismember Russia in the UN and official announcements.

Dresden across our country, total loss of our power grid, flash blinded families and radiation burns. Yes, I'm sure we'll nuke them back but how will that soothe the screams of mothers watching their children die of fallout and starvation?

Comrade Misfit said...

Michael, you cannot be seriously buying into the “Pearl Harbor Conspiracy” bullshit.

So we sit back and let Putler rape Ukraine and all the rest of the former Soviet republics?

You’ve chosen, then, to side with the Russians.

Ten Bears said...

Indeed Stew, he was quite vocal in his admiration for the American solution to the "Indian Problem" in both his manifestos, in his "struggles" and the politics of breathing space.

I dunno Cap'n, could be a keeper, appears to be an actual English-speaker, and I for one am always nostalgic for '60s canards.

Must have missed the sign up front: veterans, honorable and otherwise, hang out here ...

Michael said...

No Comrade, I am not a Russian fan I'm an American FIRST person.

We can throw billions and more into a 404 country to "foil de EVIL Russians" but allow the EPA a free pass to allow decades of dioxin damage to our water and food supply.

Have a huge number of our war on terror vets homeless on the streets and so on.

All this military sports ball is cute until the results are Palestine Ohio and worse all over my country.

Maybe the cure for a stumblebum teleprompter and comedian president is a nice "Russian Missile" in Ukraine, eh?

That could be the "Remember the Maine" needed to drop the pretext of not being at war with a nuclear armed Russia.

I've done my service in the War on terror, got the medical retirement too. As a medic I've seen the real cost of war on civilians as well as the soldiers.

Comrade Misfit said...

"America FIRST" was a dog-whistle for fascism and Nazism in the 1930s and it remains so today. That the current politician who says it tried to stage an autogolpe speaks volumes.

The war on terror was a clusterfuck from the beginning. To equate that with opposing the march of fascism in the 21st Century is a false equivalence.

Michael said...

Yep ya got me, you is too clever for a russian nazi to confuse.

CenterPuke88 said...

Michael’s solution, isolationism, worked perfectly in WW1 and WW2, so why not now, eh?

Ten Bears said...

As a member of active military reserve, why hasn't Tulsi been court-martialed?

All I did was thump a third louee ...

Comrade Misfit said...

Good question, TB.

TCK said...

Yes, because sending billions of dollars to a gov't that has at least one entire battalion of literal Neo-Nazis is how you oppose fascism.
Liberal logic at its finest.

Comrade Misfit said...

Using the Avostal Brigade as an excuse to turn one’s back on Russian aggression, including rape, running torture chambers, looting and kidnapping children is conservative logic at its worst.

Putin has played the American MAGA right like a fiddle.