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Thursday, February 16, 2023

The TOFF Will Be the GOP Nominee Next Year

I predict this because primaries are won by plurality votes, not majority votes. The Asset has the undying support of a significant number of voters in his party. There are enough that, if there is more than one other candidate running, they will split the "we've had enough of his shit" votes and Cadet Bone Spurs will cruise to the nomination.

Where he will be beaten like a gong, again, in the general election, only worse. Because he can't not shut up about losing the last time around. Which will remind everyone, outside of his base, how crazy he is and how whacko his presidency was.

He had one great accomplishment, Operation Warp Speed, which he absolutely can't talk about because he and the rest of the Right Wing Noise Machine have convinced much of his base that there was no pandemic, it was all a hoax, yadda yadda. So all he has are his stupid hats, his insults, and every word out his mouth will remind a hundred million American voters or so how relieved they were that he was dragged out the the White House the last time around.


B said...

I sincerely hope Donnie isn't the nominee. Not because there is the fear that Biden will beat him (he might) but because I would like to see some new blood in both parties nominees.

Trump has had his day, he was the best candidate the first time and we all know what happened the second time. But Biden, like Trump, is a dinosaur, and we need others to run....on both sides.

Comrade Misfit said...

I don’t disagree with that. But Trump isn’t going to quit and Biden won’t flinch from taking him on.

I’d like to see the next generation step up.

dinthebeast said...

In Idaho, two lawmakers have introduced a bill criminalizing the administration of covid vaccines.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Ten Bears said...

You know, *, bears hear dog-whistles too. OTOH, it ain't anything I haven't said

I called it maybe 1.7.21 ~ drumpf uck either 1) wins the nomination and Darth and the Deep State run his daughter, milqutoast Mitt or maybe, maybe, even Pence third party, splitting the Retard vote and handing the white house to the dems OR 2) the traditional Republicans nominate any of the above and drumpf uck runs third party, splitting the Retard vote and handing the white house to the dems.

A true Catch 22 ...