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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Corruption, Much?

In 2011, Archer-Daniels Midland bought a grain plant in South Carolina for $5.5 million. Six years later, they sold the plant to Sonny Perdue's company for $250,000, after offering to sell it to him for $4 million in 2015. Perdue had beem nominated a few weeks before to be Jabba the Gut's Secretary of Agriculture. Some months later, Perdue sold the plant for $12 million.

Details here.

How that doesn't stink to high heaven is a wonder, but hey, Hunter's laptop, amirite?

In more corruption news from the Former Administration of the Tangerine Lord, his political appointees at the EPA continued to pay Trumpist employees who had been fired. They paid nearly $0K to employees who had been fired, and one of those ordering it defrauded the agency of $96,000. Nobody was prosecuted at the time, because Hunter's laptop, amirite?


seafury said...

That makes Sonny a damn good biznessman. That's why America's favorite presnident picked him. " I only pick winners" magus cagus
"I'll be back in 2024 or sooner" sorry channeling my inner donald

Ten Bears said...

You know, one of the reasons I don't eat meat is I have no idea what's in the package.

EYeah, chicken legs look like chicken legs, but what about the sausage, aeh ... ?