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Friday, June 25, 2021

1911 Update and First Rounds

I spent some range time with the 1911 in which I installed the Fire Safety System. The trigger seemed a little lighter when I dry-fired it, but it really was apparent on the range. The system is easy to use, once you get accustomed to pushing the hammer forward to set the safety. It also prevents "hammer bite" on that gun, which had a GI-standard hammer and grip safety.

I ran some Hydrashoks and Golden Sabers through them; not a lot of either, as these days, the rounds are not replaceable. The Hydrashoks shot to point of aim at ten yards, the Golden Sabers shot a little high.
I bought a S&W 66-1 early last year in a private-party sale just before the TrumpFlu hit. The indoor ranges here were closed for a long time. Once they reopened, I had other guns that I needed to practice with and to test. Yesterday I got around to shooting the 66:

I had one flyer at ten yards. I don't care, at all, for the grooved service trigger, but the flyer wasn't the fault of the gun. I've never seen a set of target grips shaped like that, but whoever did that, did a nice job.

Definately a keeper. But I may get a combat trigger installed.


B said...

Thanks for the report.
I may have to look hard at this modification

Comrade Misfit said...

I'm probably going to put one in my LW Commander.

Also, there is a sale going on. MERGER10 will save you 10%.