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Sunday, June 6, 2021

Antifa Invaded France

That war was against fascism:

There was a lot of very hard fighting to do and the invasion could have failed. Gen. Eisemhower wrote a short speech to give if the landings failed

But they didn't fail. The Normandy Invasion wasn't a turning point, that happened in the West when the British denied air-superiority to the Germans in 1940 and, in the East, when the Soviets turned back the Germans and their Axis allies. The d-Day landings were, though, one of the nails in the coffins of the fascist regiemes then existing in Europe.

Sadly, fascism isn't dead. Not by a long shot.


Old NFO said...

So true. And so many died that day... May they rest in peace.

Eck! said...

There was also North Africa and Italy both impacted by the fascist

A lot of men and women dies because of fascism, may they all
rest in peace. We must remember, never againm, for its all
too easy to forget.


Ten Bears said...

Sadly, I think it forgotten. We haven't forgotten, but we are a subset of the population that is growing smaller with alarming frequency. If they could have waited just ten more years ...

Tod Germanica said...

All this makes us feel nice but the Russians won the war. 29 millions died doing it. The lend/lease Studebaker trucks, felt boots, food, medicine, Spitfires, Mitchell bombers, P-39s, P-63s, etc we shipped to the USSR probably did more to win the war than our campaigns did. The turning point of the war was winter 1941 when the nazis failed to take Leningrad or Moscow.