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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Chinese COVID Vaccines Suck

The story is here.

Neither seems to be particularly effective. The Sinovac is particularly sucky.

Good luck getting honest data from the Chinese on it.


Paul W said...

This might be proof the conspiracy theories about COVID being manufactured are a bunch of bull. If the Chinese HAD weaponized a virus you'd think they'd have a working vaccine to fight it to protect themselves.

Comrade Misfit said...

And they’d have made the vaccine earlier.

Tod Germanica said...

I noted the lab release theory here early on and got poo-pood because Chinese secrecy prevents any real investigation. There was no proof back then either, it just seems odd the viral outbreak happened at precisely the location of the communist super secret government virus lab. Coincidence or no coincidence at all? As to the question of a Chinese antidote, if the lab release was accidental or premature then there would be no vaccine or medication. Just perhaps millions of sick and/or dead people.
Because of Chinese stonewalling and lack of transparency we do not know. Communists are uniformly secretive, conspiritorial and power seeking. It is a big reason they won in 1917 and in China in 1949 and one reason they remain in power despite the silliness of their political theories.

Ten Bears said...

Actually Tod, I find it interesting the trump-flu's predecessor the so-called "vape-flu"* was centered on Cincinnati, home to several !del! bioweapons manufacturing !/del! viral research facilities, and the military/industrial complex spending a year and a half and considerable resource on introducing the suggestion it came from such a facility in Wuhan.

My bet is on Tel Aviv. They've already cultivated an Arab-flu.

*Oh yeah, remember ... ? Went right down the memory like last night's beer.

Eck! said...


Some thoughts for those whos memory goes back before the last commercial...

There was MERS, Over 5-6 years ago in camel country middle east. It was
a covid family virus, that got named Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome...
It predates Wuhan by many years. Corona virus is not new, its one of
several know sources aptly called the common cold (Rhinovirus group is

IT was that critter MERS, that gave rise to a potential vaccine and
why it din't take years as it was expected to be the next nasty bug.
SO research was done and on going when it was found that Covid 19
was a relative corona virus {not fully same, but families].

Virus: They mutate, its a survival mechanism. Some are very active and
also transits via other hosts like camels (MERS), chickens, hogs, cows....

Zoonodic bugs (bacteria, fungi, or virus) are already well know for
those that get to us via other animals or we can give to animals.
At least two flus, a few like Rabies got to us via chickens (bird flu)
Hogs (swine flu) and there are a boat load of others.

With that everyone wants a evil conspiracy rather than look at
what is considered not uncommon and well recognized. Also means
crap to know the specific animal as once we get it is a human
animal bug. and a brief examination of history would show we
are good at infecting each other. We also know how to not do
that. But we often revert to the pre plague condition of killing
the cat and not the rat with the fleas, or just not paying attention.