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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

People from 32% of the Population Killed 71% of the Cops So Far This Year

And yet, that's a stat that you won't read from any of the "All Lives Matter" crowd.

71% of the cops killed so far this year have been killed by white dudes.

White people comprise 63.7% of the population. Divide that by two and you have 31.85% (OK, really 31.3%, since men comprise 49.2% of the population.)

So white men are killing cops at better than twice their percentage of the population.

Listen for the outrage about that and all you'll hear are crickets chirping away.


Murphy's Law said...

Why assume that there's no outrage? Isn't that setting up a straw man? Personally, I think that ANYONE who kills a cop should get the death penalty. Period. No race, sex or other variables should factor in.

CenterPuke88 said...

No strawman there, just no news stories on that. But you wouldn't notice the absence.

PhantomZodak said...

now post the amount of people that blacks kill. and the percentage of black deaths by other blacks. and the whites killed by cops.

go on, i'm sure i won't hear any crickets chirping.

CenterPuke88 said...

Ok, Phantom, lets...cause I suspect you got your data from a Donald Trump re-tweet of made up numbers from a White Supremacist website. The named source doesn't exist, and the data aligns with no credible source.

OK, FBI, 2014 Stats (Last full year available):

Whites killed by Whites: 82%
Blacks killed by Blacks: 90%
Whites killed by Blacks: 15%
Blacks killed by Whites: 8%

Background, US Population percentages:
White: 63%
Black: 13%
Mixed: 3%

So, now the ratio per million of victims' population:
Whites killed by Whites: 10.1
Blacks killed by Blacks: 52.6
Whites killed by Blacks: 1.8
Blacks killed by Whites: 4.4

This data tells us that the killing rates are roughly comparable in ratio for both groups, and each group is much more threatened by their own race.

Police killings, 2015 (thru Nov):
White: 508
Black: 261

Ratio per million:
White: 2.1
Black: 6.2

Which tells us that the average White person is three times less likely to be killed by a police officer.

Which is why it's interesting that 60% of the police killed between 2011 and 2013 were killed by White assailants, but of course a person is 75 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than kill a police officer. Kinda like the fact that police search Black and Hispanic motorists at a rate vastly higher than that of White motorists, even though searches of White motorists produce contraband at over twice the rate. Don't let those crickets bother you, just like the facts don't either.

Marc said...

CenterPuke88: You forgot to add in that math has a liberal bias...

Dark Avenger said...

Obviously, the solution is to have mandated conceled carry so that citizens can quickly go to the aid of any cops under attack from the bad guys of all races and creeds.

Anonymous said...

Coming to the aid of cops with your own concealed carry? That sounds like a recipe for the incompetent version of suicide by cop.

Robert J Barnes said...

"Which tells us that the average White person is three times less likely to be killed by a police officer."
--- But, blacks commit 60% of violent crime including 50% of the murders for the last 30 years. And according to study in San Francisco, blacks are 9 times more likely to resist arrest and, according to a study in New York, blacks commit 98% of the shootings. The vast majority of situations when cops kill suspects is when the suspect is armed and resisting. So, you have a perfect storm for blacks to killed by cops more often than whites. But, the truth is twice as many whites are killed by cops. That quells the Black Lives Matter narrative. Facts don't care about feelings.

Anonymous said...

Do the math again considering that blacks account for only 1/8th of the population. If you accept that 1/8th kill 1/3rd of the cops, then it flips your premise topsy-turvy. Do that math again for all those stats, and you might as well stop perpetuating the liberal rhetoric.