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Thursday, May 26, 2016

One Oddity About the Transgender Bathroom Kerfuffle

The people who are arguing that bathroom laws are necessary to keep criminals from sexually assaulting people in bathrooms are the same people who one would expect to argue that gun control laws don't work because criminals don't obey the law.

Beyond that, I suspect that the current brouhaha has been ginned up to turn out the mouth-breather vote, in the same way that the Republicans were pushing state constitutional amendments banning gay marriage in 2004. It's the old trick of "The (Insert Name of Despised Group Here) Are Coming For Your Children, Get Out and Vote to Stop Them!"

Don't forget, as Mike pointed out, the NC bill also incorporated provisions banning local governments from passing ordinances on child labor and similar topics. It was a veritable Trojan Horse of Hatred towards working people. But that's what the GOP does: Gin up the low-information voters with some bullshit controversy and then shiv them all in the back.


wolfbitch said...

The whole anti-transgender thing is top-down nothing more than a vote getter and money raiser. This is how the Republican party operates.

Ruth said...

They're also flipping the fuck out because some rapist dude might claim to ID as female and follow their daughter into the bathroom......

But no one is flipping the fuck out now cause some rapist dude is legally allowed to follow their son into the bathroom right now, and maybe even use the urinal next to their son.

I've never bothered to look up actual numbers, but honestly, as a female who gets to spend lots of time in both public bathrooms and dark parking lots the dark parking lots worry me a heck of a lot more than the public bathrooms, regardless of who is or is not legally allowed in said bathrooms! Neither is a place to lose yourself in the white zone regardless.