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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

His Next Project Would Have Been to Find Out Where the Jews Live

A few weeks after his hiring in January, SeaTac’s new interim City Manager James “Donny” Payne asked the staff geographic-information systems coordinator to undertake an unusual project.

“Mr. Payne stated an interest in knowing with a great deal of specificity (to the neighborhood, house, and even person) where Sunni and Shiite Muslim residents lived,” an investigator later wrote in a report issued to the city.


hans said...

no one should kid themselves - it's already been done, just this particular asshole doesn't know about it or have access - yet

avsutton said...

Keee-rist. This shit has already got me scared and ready to defend my Muslim neighbors, except this being in Massachusetts, I can't get a gun and will have to settle for sharpening my meat cleaver. I live in a small apartment building, and we have at least two Muslim families. I chat with the women all the time--the men are a bit more standoff-ish, but they're warming up. Oh--did I mention all of them are American citizens?