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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

2nd Amendment Musing on the Presidential Race

To cut to the chase: Forget about it. If the right to own weapons is your concern, then work on the state and congressional races.

Clinton is anti-gun. Despite her brief attempt to seem pro-gun in `08, I am confident that if Clinton could send Army squads to every home in the country to confiscate guns, she would do so in a nanosecond.

Trump is a fascist. He has no qualms about using the levers of government power when he sees a gain in it. That's why he's managed to enrich himself while his companies fail and why he's a big fan of taking people's homes for private corporations. I know of no indication that Trump has ever fired a gun, much less held one (outside of military school).

If Sanders were to win, he might be the best of an awful set of choices.

But that's unlikely, so it seems that if you're looking for a presidential candidate who will defend the Second Amendment while in office for the next four years, you're shit outta luck.

Which is why you should work to limit the damage by electing congressmen, senators, and state officials who are pro-gun.

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Paul Wartenberg said...

I think your fear about "coming into our homes to seize our guns" is a bit unjustified. A lot of the anti-gun people are in favor of restricting people's ability to buy up/stockpile guns, as well as redesigning guns to have more safety features to prevent accidental shootings.

I'm one of those anti-gun people: I don't care for guns (my grandfather willed to me a rifle, I never claimed it), but I understand there can be uses for them. The thing is, I want them to be safer, and I want the public to be safe from reckless or dangerous gun users.

The worst that's going to happen in a Hillary-world towards guns will be a) universal background checks, that will include/cover people with restraining orders/domestic violence issues, b) redesigning of assault rifles to prevent tampering/modifications, c) mandatory requirement for gun manufacturers to make the "safe" guns with ID sensors (with tax credits and subsidies to those companies to prevent the retaliatory boycotts the uberserious guns-rights people will call for), and d) requirement for every gun owner to say each morning that opening bit from the movie Zardoz, just to embarrass themselves bwhahahahahaha. ...what, too much?