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Friday, December 12, 2014

Warm Up the War Crimes Trials

Dick Cheney, The Man Who Lied Us Into War, undercut one of the efforts of the Senate Torture Report. The report's authors tried very had to shield the Bushies from prosecution for war crimes, by trying to prove that the senior members of the Bush Administration didn't know what the CIA was doing.

Dick the Torturer disposed of that.

BadTux brings another point: These clowns were not dictators who took power at gunpoint. They were elected. Which means that we own them and their crimes are the nation's crimes.

We are Americans. We tortured people.

And the ugly truth is that we, as a nation, are basically OK with that. We need to change the last line of the Star Spangled Banner, for "home of the brave" is no longer anywhere near close to the truth.


CenterPuke88 said...

The truly disheartening thing is the number of people who say, they are chopping off heads, why can't we torture them? It seems that America has moved from being the standard bearer for proper treatment (never perfect that way, but decent) to just another do what feels right thug (irony intended).

These people say that they know that reducing ourselves to their level means they won, but at least they won't make the medal ceremony! All the fluff about this report threatening Americans is just wishful thinking, Americans have been threatened ever since we started this crap.

Murphy's Law said...

Objection! I didn't torture anyone any more than I invited millions of illegal aliens to make themselves comfortable in my country or decided to tax my neighbors to pay for my health insurance.

And of these three wrongs, I'm much more upset about the latter two, truth be told.

BadTux said...

ML, since you supported the Busheviks, you own them. The reality is that we live in a democracy, not a dictatorship. We elect our government. We, The People. *We* put them in power, not some foreign tyrant.

I live in a country that tortured people as its official policy. No different from Cuba. Or the Soviet Union. Or a thousand tinpot dictatorships in third world country. Twenty years ago, if I'd said that I'd spend my 50's in a country that tortures people, you would have asked me what third world dictatorship I was planning to move to. So now we know.

- Badtux the Third World Penguin

BadTux said...

And BTW, I would state that someone who thinks paying taxes is worse than torture has his priorities fucked up. Enough said.