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Friday, December 5, 2014

The Butthurt of the Derp Gun

Guns & Ammo got their feelings hurt when they were called out for writing a puff piece about the Taurus Curve. Their first reaction was to threaten to call in the lawyers.

But apparently, somebody senior there has heard of the Streisand Effect, and they backed down.


Keads said...

It IS a stupid pistol. They should be called out on it. Good job!

Sport Pilot said...

My complements CM for making a less then stellar day better. I am still trying to stop laughing.

Deadstick said...

Jeez, point that thing at a perp and you can tie him up while he's rolling around laughing.

3383 said...

I am almost positive it was Guns and Ammo whose editor, answering a letter on why every review was positive, answered, in effect, that his intent was to make money from selling ads in his magazine. Left unanswered was why a reader would want to buy or even read such a magazine.
It might've been Field & Stream.