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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Police as Agent Provocateurs: Same Shit, Different Decade

Apparently, that undercover Chippie who drew a gun on protesters in Oakland was confronted by protestors because he and his partner were trying to incite violence by banging on store windows.

Undercover cops inciting violence and then the uniformed cops busting heads because of the violence is an old trick. But oldies can be goodies, I guess.


BadTux said...

Color me unsurprised.

Any progress we made towards civil society rather than police state since the bad old days of COINTELPRO has been utterly reversed these past twelve years. SIGH.

Joe said...

Let the punishment fit the crime. His commander should make him go to the range, hold his weapon like that, and pull the trigger.

D. said...

Haymarket "riot," hmmmmmmmm?

w3ski said...

Why do people hold a pistol sideways? Isn't the recoil going to be painful? I never had the guts to try it but it just looks wrong.