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Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Old Rule "First, Do No Harm" Does Not Apply to Psychologists; Torture Nation Edition

Two former Air Force psychologists raked in over $80 million from the CIA for instructing the CIA how to torture people.
The contract was for more than $180 million, but the contractors had only received $81 million when their contract was terminated in 2009.

Although the committee identified the contractors via pseudonyms, NBC News has previously identified them as Mitchell, Jessen & Associates, a Spokane, Washington, company run by two psychologists, Dr. John "Bruce" Jessen and Dr. James Mitchell, who had both previously worked with the U.S. Air Force.
The odd thing is that Mitchell donates to Amnesty International. One would assume that they're going to begin returning his checks. Jessen was appointed a bishop in the Mormon church, then quit once reporters began asking how Mormonism squared with being one of the architects of the American inquisition.

These are the Masters of American Torture:



Don't think about filing ethics complaints, for allegedly the American Psychological Association has been just fine with the use of torture (if Americans do it)

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