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Thursday, February 21, 2013

"Piss Yourself to Deter Rape"... Really?

That is what the University of Colorado has advised female students, that they should piss themselves or barf on themselves to make themselves less attractive to rapists.

I humbly submit a better idea: Make the rapist piss his pants.

What is it with Colorado Democrats? There was the idiot who pretty much said that if attacked, you should stab your attacker with a pen. And now this comes to light?

If that floats your boat, fine. But better to have a gun. I suspect that there is a kernel of truth to the saying that the gun control crowd believes that a woman who is found raped and dead in an alley is morally superior to a woman who is explaining to the cops how and why her attacker came to suffer a sudden case of bullet wounds.

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Suz said...

"I humbly submit a better idea: Make the rapist piss his pants."