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Who is Incapable of Understanding or Doing Anything About It.
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by diligent efforts and careful legislative drafting, make ten times worse.
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Big Surprise: Secacus Fats Is a Lying Sack of Offal

Independent congressional investigators are raising questions about why New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie scrapped the Hudson River rail tunnel project in 2010. ... But a Government Accountability Office report, obtained by The New York Times, finds cost estimates for the tunnel had remained unchanged and state transportation officials had said the project would cost less than Christie had estimated.
Of course Christie lied. He wanted to cut taxes and if that means that our national transportation infrastructure doesn't get improved, that's just fine with those short-sighted morons.

We have a choice to make in this country. We can have excellent educational systems and we can have first-class transportation systems or we can let those all deteriorate and give massive tax breaks to the rich. We cannot do both.

It should be clear, by now, that the choice of the GOP is to scrap anything that might help people and just give more and more tax cuts to the rich and to those groups that promote ignorance.

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