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Friday, October 1, 2010

So, Then, Why is Dick Cheney Still a Free Man?

Oh, we'll go after foreign war criminals, all right!
WASHINGTON — When federal agents finally caught up with Gilberto Jordan, he had all the trappings of a solid American life: a house in a tidy South Florida neighborhood, steady work as a chef and a spotless record as a law-abiding citizen since emigrating from Guatemala in the early 1990s. ...

The prosecution of Jordan, 54, underscores a new push by federal law enforcement agencies to hunt down war criminals and human rights abusers who have found refuge in the United States.

The agents that tracked him are from a special center that Immigration and Customs created last year to bolster its work on such cases.
What about our own war criminals? What about the National Security Council of the Bush Administration, which discussed, with great specificity, what torture techniques were to be used?

No, we won't go after our own war criminals. We'll let other nations do that. Which is why you probably have not seen any of the senior cabinet members of the Bush Administration, other than maybe the Secretary of Agriculture (whoever the hell that was) take any foreign vacations since they left office.


Nangleator said...

Of all the fucking countries that have absolutely no moral authority to arrest someone on that charge... I hang my head in shame.

His defense lawyer should compare every last bit of evidence and every last charge against things our last administration did, in extreme detail, with names given in each case.

How could a jury convict knowing that far, far worse criminals walk free and get $50,000 speaking fees, in halls with prominently displayed American flags?

Allan S said...

Didn't you guys pass a law saying Americans couldn't be charged with war crimes a while back? Or did that only apply to the military? My mind is sooo fuzzy lately.