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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Care to Guess Where Lufthansa Trains Its Pilots?

Give up?

Phoenix, Arizona.

While the writer doesn't get into it, at least not yet, note that this is ab initio training. Lufthansa is taking people who have not had any flight time and training them to be airline pilots. That is common around most of the world. Lufthansa is not the only airline that has its training center in the US, JAL has theirs in Napa, CA.

Of course, that isn't done by US airlines. Here, those who want to fly for airlines have to pay for their own basic training. They have to build time on their own. And if they manage to do all that, they can start out in the right seat of some jerkwater commuter airline for not much more pay than a fast food fry cook.

So when I hear an airline CEO moan about how tough it is to be in the airline business, well...

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Chuck Pergiel said...

That's a great picture! I laughed till I cried.