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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Bibi: Give It Up

Look, I get it. Hamas carried out the worst pogrom against Jews since the 1940s. There was going to be heavy payback for that. That's how things are done in that neck of the woods.

But it's clear that it's going to be impossible to wipe out Hamas. Israel's not going to be able to kill every member of Hamas. Killing over fifteen thousand civilians in response is not a proportionate response by any stretch of the imagination.

I can understand why Netanyahu's doing what he is doing. It's his only hope of political survival, given that it was his government whose policy was to enable Hamas and whose military had the battle plans of Hamas and did nothing to prevent the attack.

But walking over the dead bodies of civilians in order to stay in power is a despicable act. He will end up essentially being on house arrest within Israel, as leaving the country will expose him to war crime charges.

(Like some members of the Chimpy-Darth administration.)


Grey Wolf said...

Given the countless demonstrations against him by his fellow countrymen long before all this happened, he's been teetering on the edge for quite some time now.

Wow - I remember a comedian, Michael Feldman, on NPR a zillion years ago saying something like "Good grief, my new Prime Minister is a yahoo".

True dat.

-- Gray Wolf

Stewart Dean said...

Amen Comrade. There are too many signs of Israel (America and the world) in a unrecoverable dive...if not a flat spin. Mankind, like Lucifer, would rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.
For the love of God, Montressor.

dan gerene said...

When a country's leader goes way overboard to punish an enemy, both sides lose. But it will strengthen the enemy's resolve and bring in more that were on the fence into their way of thinking. History shows that in the mass civilian bombings of WW 11, Vietnam and the assorted and more recent Middle Eastern wars.

Jones, Jon Jones said...

I miss Feldman
Feldman felt blindsided by Wisconsin Public Radio's decision in March to cancel the weekly comedy quiz show after 31 years. Speaking about it recently, he sounded wry and self-deprecating but also deeply aggrieved.