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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Take Away Their Glocks

A Black man was unarmed when Akron police chased him on foot and killed him in a hail of gunfire, but officers believed he had shot at them earlier from a vehicle and feared he was preparing to fire again, authorities said Sunday at a news conference.

Akron police released video of the shooting of Jayland Walker, 25, who was killed June 27 in a pursuit that had started with an attempted traffic stop. The mayor called the shooting “heartbreaking” while asking for patience from the community.

It’s not clear how many shots were fired by the eight officers involved, but Walker sustained more than 60 wounds. An attorney for Walker’s family said officers kept firing even after he was on the ground.

I get that the cops say that Mr. Walker fired a shot from the car, he exited the car while wearing a ski mask and made a "furtive movement". So maybe they were justified in shooting. But sixty times and continuing to shoot him after he had fallen to the ground?

Maybe it's time to take away the cops' high-capacity magazines and issue them some brand new Model 10s.

One might think that criminal charges may be in the offing, but shooting Black people into doll rags has been tolerated in Ohio.


Tod Germanica said...

Good idea. But $812 simoleons? Crikey. Now I feel like a fool for selling my RHCP mod 10 from 1982 for $350 to a shirttail relation when my tinnitus got so bad.
I shot somebody's Glock at the range years back when I did stuff like that. And the plasticity of it made it very smooth shooting and eased recoil. But the trigger seemed dangerously easy and it had no safety.

Leo Knight said...

Maybe they should only have one bullet, and keep it in their pockets, like Barney Fife. They seem a mite too excitable.

bolomk1 said...

When there are that many individuals shooting it is very easy for all to keep shooting until they run dry. Doctrine has changed a lot since I was an instructor 30 years ago and taught "two to the body one to the head" now it is basically mag dump and with a group it will be a lot of rounds and once started it is very tough to get a cease fire. Look at some old WW II footage of ship's gunners fireing at Kamikazes, they keep pumping rounds out long after the target is splashed.
As far as was it justified...yes. Shoot at cop you get shot.

Comrade Misfit said...

Not after he left the gun behind. Summary executions are not cool. This is not Russia.