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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Remember, Boys and Girls, These Idiots Can Vote

If we are going to keep our country from devolving into a theocratic autocracy where ignoance of facts and science is state policy, then, at a bare minimum, vote.

Florida, for example, is blatantly rewriting history. DeSlantis's regieme is pushing propaganda to teachers that Thomas Jefferson was antislavery. He mist assuredly was not.

Jefferson did say that slavery was abhorrent, but he ran his slaves like they were livestock, except when he wanted to have sex with them. Jefferson figured out that merely having slaves and selling their children was profitable.

But this is what DeSantis and evil trolls like Charles Koch are trying to do: Rewrite our history to turn us into a nation of serfs.


DTWND said...

So now that the Talibanistas want to go after the plan B pill, shouldn’t they also go after the little blue pil that gives those old fucks their little stiffies? Or maybe, in order to combat those unwanted pregnancies, we should make all males, after 3 children or age 50 (which ever comes first) get an irreversible vasectomy. If uteruses are going to be regulated, then why not testicles, too?

Asking for the females in my family.


Eck! said...

Desatan takes another step to make the Florida a vassal republic of Russia.

They are indoctrinating children. A little step straight out of
the Jerry Falwell Moral majority (never moral and not a majority)

Dale, a possible goose, gander, solution. But remember its the
thing they proclaim gives them the power even without the pill.

My $0.02 is next hurricane, forget Florida.