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Sunday, June 6, 2021

Your Sunday Morning Jet Noise

F-100, aka "the Hun":


DTWND said...

Flying over Willow Run airport.


Tod Germanica said...

Very cool, one of the plastic models dangling from the ceiling of my bedroom as a kid. The early models' fin and rudder were too short, leading to severe Dutch roll and loss of control. This defect killed test pilot and WWII Pearl Harbor hero George Welch (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Welch_(pilot)), the pilot who was the first to break the 'sound barrier' in the F-86 (suppressed by the USAF for PR reasons and because it was unofficial, performed in a slight dive- and achieved by a civilian test pilot!) Ironically, the famously litigious Oroville, CA retired general falsely credited with it commanded a Hun unit. And by commanded I mean hung out with his well connected good-old-boy huntin' and fishin' cronies while the XO presumably ran the outfit.
The Hun was old, small and obsolescent by the time I got to Vietnam but I was happy to see them flying out of Phan Rang AB on the coast of II corp's Central Highlands. Also the 1st Iron Hand/Wild Weasel SAM missile attack aircraft until replaced by the larger, more capable, more suitable F-105 Thud.

seafury said...

Owned by Dean Cutchall of Fort Wayne IN. Not sure of its status now. According to some, Dean could be a bit cantakerous. Another famous Hun pilot was Dick Rutan. Helped form the Misty's fast FAC (forward air controller) unit in Viet Nam. As to the famous General Tod, he really went into overdrive with litigation after his second marriage. You could be sued if you mentioned the guys name within earshot of her.