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Monday, June 14, 2021

The Christian Taliban is Kerfuffling

This is an article about "conservatives" trying to take back the Southern Baptist Convention.

From my view, the Southern Baptists are among the reasons to ensure that your powder is dry. I have not a single doubt that they would eagerly use the power of the state to force their beliefs on everyone else.

It's worth remembering that the SBC's sole reason for coming into existence was to give a moral and religous justification for slavery. They were not exactly quiet about supporting Jim Crow laws. Their core DNA is the promotion and protection of white supremacy.

That's one thing about the SBC's brand of conservatism. It is all about keeping their foot on the necks of people that they deem to be inferior to themselves, viz, white men.


seafury said...

same thing applies to pretty much every religulous sect. Some are just a little more fervent about it.

Dark Avenger said...

As my father, whose own father was a deacon in the local Baptist church, there will never be a Baptist Chartres.

Eck! said...

...they would eagerly use the power of the state to force their beliefs on everyone else.

It is their mandate to themselves that the infidels should believe
as they do. Its one of the key items of fascism.

There are way too many historical accounts of religious states
going to war. And the record will show the numbers dead in
the name of someones religious claims and belief.

Internal religious civil war... Popcorn Please!


dinthebeast said...

I would like to note that the fascistic tendencies in the Baptist religion are a mostly white, southern, conservative phenomenon.
William Barber doesn't behave that way, nor does Jimmy Carter.
I'm an atheist myself, but I have a keen appreciation for the Black churches and the community they provide, and the music.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Stewart Dean said...

You know (if you know SB) that when Albert Mohler is seen as a compromise moderate for the presidency of the SB Convention that Madame Guillotin is going to be busy. SB fell off the cliff in 1993 when Mohler and his fundamentalist crowd purged SB's flagship seminary in Louisville. You can take a tour through the snakepit of his 'mind' here:
A long hot shower and stiff drinks afterwards advised. Fundamentalist evangelicalism as fulfilled by Attila the Hun.

Richard said...

They are a christian cult. I didn't say this, but in my view they are a bunch of honkies. I don't know why they have so much power. Look at them! They have their Falwells and god knows how many other scandals. Do you remember Tammy Faye?
But they keep on going. They are mostly a bunch of perverts.
So if these idiots are going to have a convention and talk about their golden calf, you can include me out.

dinthebeast said...

They apparently narrowly avoided electing the Alt-Right candidate, so reason for optimism perhaps?

-Doug in Sugar Pine