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Friday, June 18, 2021

Because It's Friday

There will be steam in the new "Nuking the Fridge, Part Deux" movie:

AKA Indiana Jones and the Temple of AARP.


Tod Germanica said...

OK, I give up. I couldn't figure out where or what this represents. Sporting the German eagle and nazi swastika, which are banned in lots of Europe (the reason the euro version of rascist Trumpites borrow our treason slaver states's battle flag), a Vierling twin 20mm AA gun, and a 88mm (?) assault gun? The landscape looks more European than American though. A reenactment of a nazi armored train- though the train cars appear unarmoured? A reenactment of transporting Jews and gypsies and communists to the camps? Weird. I'm at a loss. Where and why?

Ten Bears said...

I think it's another one of those comic-book movies ...