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Thursday, June 3, 2021


Apparently, this is the brain-child{1] of Mike Lindell, former drug-addict and pillow hawker[2] and Sidney Powell, Lawyer for Q.[3]

Good luck finding evidence that Republicans, such as Moscow Mitch and Miss Lindsey, have denounced this particular Trumpist fantasy.[4]
[1] To use the term loosely.
[2] And noted public lunatic.
[3] And soon to be former lawyer, if there is any justice to be had.
[4] Or, for that matter, denouncing Traitor Flynn's call for a military coup.


B said...

That cartoon is actually pretty funny.

w3ski said...

It's sad in a way, watching an old man that has never been told no in his entire life, finally being told No.
He can't be awarded it, cheat his way into it, buy it or even threaten his way back in. And it really gets under his skin so he cries and fusses and threatens.
Watching him unwind before us in the news. I wonder how much emotion is still left simmering. He is never going to give up I don't think and I wonder if there will be a point of total breakdown between his fantasies and reality.
Pass the popcorn.

dinthebeast said...


And all of that was simmering just under the surface the whole time he was the goddamn president of the United States.

-Doug in Sugar Pine