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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

When Money's Involved, There's Always a Workaround

Gov. DuhSantis is trying to find one between his stupid-ass law banning vaccine passports and the cruise industry, which is following the Feds and requiring that everyone be vaccinated.

If you click through and read the article, it says that the Governor of Floriduh is going to claim that the cruise ships are actually in international waters, so Florida rules don't apply.

That's news to every other coastal state, which asserts state sovereignity right out to the limit permitted by Federal law. If you're on a boat just off the coat of Florida and you kill somebody, the state of Florida will happily line you up for a lethal injection.

The cruise industry has made it clear that if need be, they'll take their business to another state that doesn't feel the need to act the ass. Which would cost Florida a lot of money. And since the first rule of politics is "money talks", DumbSantis will try to craft a way to get around his stupidity that doesn't involve betraying the MAGAMorons or looking dumber than he already is.



Tod Germanica said...

Again, self selection for Darwin Award to any fool boarding those floating petri dishes. They were a hazard already for coronary eating, cirrhosis booze pounding and Legionaries, then covid-19 hit. Go ahead, get on board. Evolution in action. Except the cruisers are all old and already reproduced.

Ten Bears said...

I don't know, could be nothing, but this strikes me as more publicity than policy, or practicality. My mother, proud Texan deplorable, had to learn the lesson twice ~ five and eight years ago ~ big boats are not a safe place to be. The last cruise almost got her. Again, I don't know, it's almost an innate thing, she won't get on a boat, and I think that sentimentality is more widespread than credited. She's a proud Fox-glued Trumper.

Of course, she's my mother, and just as weird as me ...