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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Cosby the Rapist Walks

Pennsylvania’s highest court threw out Bill Cosby’s sexual assault conviction and opened the way for his immediate release from prison Wednesday in a stunning reversal of fortune for the comedian once known as “America’s Dad,” ruling that the prosecutor who brought the case was bound by his predecessor’s agreement not to charge Cosby.

Right. An oral agreement that someone who committed rape wasn't going to be prosecuted?

This is probably a done deal, but he still got to spend two years in the Crossbar Hilton, so there's that. The tossing out of the conviction removes the conviction, but it doesn't change the fact that Cosby was proven to be a rapist.

The conviction was tossed, but he's still guilty as fuck.


dinthebeast said...

I don't know about "walks", perhaps slithers?

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Ingersollman said...

He should've died in prison.

w3ski said...

Another unrepentant rapist walks free. I expect an "I am innocent" tour of the news really soon.
At least they got him for a couple of years, but I doubt he learned anything good.
I for one will never see him the same. There were too many accusations to be a fluke.
The man is evil.

Glenn Kelley said...

This is really a situation of two incompetent prosecutors . Lehtos Law does a good breakdown of the ruling .

Glenn Kelley said...

The first prosecutor didn't think he could get a conviction so he promised Cosby that he wouldn't use Cosbys testimony in the civil trial to prosecuted him criminally if he testified in the civil case .This deal wasn't recorded properly .

The second prosecutor brought charges and the case ended up with a hung jury.At the retrial he brought in Cosbys testimony from the civil trial to tip the balance and got a conviction. The trial judge allowed this because the deal wasn't done properly .

The supreme court basically said a deal is a deal .

They didn't rule on whether he was guilty .

I suspect that the second prosecutor didn't try to use them in the first trial because he had his own doubts .

Lehtos Law does a much better job of explaining this .