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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

DeJoy's Cabal of Liars

Everything that is sent to me or that I send out through the mail has USPS tracking numbers. Formerly, I'd only pay attention if they were late. But recently, I've been watching all of them.

What I've been noticing is that the Post Office gives an expected delivery date; everything is arriving a day early. I sent something off to a friend half-way across the country by Priority Mail. The expected day of delivery was stated to be four days out.[1]

My suspicion is that DeJoy has rigged the system so he can claim that 99.44% of packages are arriving on-time. Which just goes to show that he must have gotten his MBA from Trump University, where cheating is a virtue.
[1] You may recall that Priority Mail once was a two-day service.


DTWND said...

It is just like what the companies did back in the 1980's when the FAA was publicly reporting the on-time stats of the airlines. They changed the flight times by adding around 30 minutes in the estimated flight times. Then they petitioned the FAA to count as on-time any departure delays or airborne holding delays of less than 15 minutes. The result was that the airlines showed marked improvement although nothing had changed, except for the accounting.


Leo Knight said...

Some years ago, the Maryland Transit Administration ran an audit of their on-time rates for busses and trains. If one failed to show up at all, a common occurrence, it was counted as "on-time."